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Why did I write this book?

I’ve always wanted to educate as many people as possible about holistic health and how to create a happy life. Network marketing gave me a vehicle to live my purpose and contribute my gifts.

This book helps to demystify the steps to building a network marketing business that feels good on the inside, not just "looks good" on the outside. My goal is to get you out of confusion and into ACTION.

Dr. Dana McGrady

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Looking back I can see how every challenge I faced shaped me into the person I have become. 

My entire growth process and journey to success started with one defining moment I remember vividly. It happened in the fall of 2003. Dave and I were both working as hard as we could, and we still could not get ahead. We were stressed out and our family was struggling financially. One day we checked our bank balance and after all our bills were paid, we had exactly 7¢!

That’s when we made the 7-Cent Decision and we knew our lives were about to change forever!

Our jobs left us with only 7 cents at the end of the month, so we decided we needed to change paradigms. We didn’t have anything to risk, so it wasn’t a hard decision. Once the decision was made, it was swim or sink. We always knew and felt we are worth more than 7 cents, more than the wages we were making and the limits our bosses imposed.” We said, “Enough, we are going to make our own wage. We will never have 7 cents in our account again.” 

The 7-Cent Decision was a shift we made in our mind: we wanted to change how we were living and build our own future. This is our story...

Foreword by Dave Sandoval

I’m delighted to see Dr. Dana McGrady’s insightful new book, Magnetic Soulpreneur, as it can help to fulfill a pressing, growing need in the world by bringing awareness and offering solutions. I'm honored to write the foreword because of my deep admiration for Dr. Dana as a mother, healer, educator, and friend.

Dave Sandoval is the author of 'The Green Foods Bible', Nutritional Formulator, Co-Founder of a Nutrition & Wellness Company, and a National Educator & Speaker.
"It's time to live our purpose and light up the world. Let's have fun healing the world together!"

Magnetic - adjective

  • Having the properties of a magnet
  • Of being magnetized or attracted by a magnet
  • A strong attractive power or charm, as in a magnetic personality

Soulpreneur - noun (neologism)

  • Someone who chooses to rise up and shine their light in a soul-driven career or business
  • An entrepreneur who has turned his or her passion into a business and runs it from the heart
  • A mission-based entrepreneur
A Magnetic Soulpreneur is someone who attracts, inspires, and empowers people to find their soul purpose, follow their vision, and make a difference in others’ lives.
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 Network Marketing Leaders and Top Earners are already RAVING about Dr. Dana's book... 
“Being on this journey with my now dear friend Dr. Dana, who started as a wide-eyed ‘fledgling’ and grew into a soaring eagle and leader of leaders, has been a beautiful and gratifying experience. Whether one is brand new to this profession, or a seasoned veteran, Dr. Dana gives practical tips and advice that can help to launch or relaunch a network marketing business with success, while making it all relatable and fun. 

As an added bonus, you will get the perspective of a holistic health professional who is also a devoted wife and mama, proving that we can have it all. This is a quick and easy read, full of great wisdom and nuggets that can be easily implemented right away.”

—Sonia Magruder, Network Marketing Top Leader, Entrepreneur, Mentor
Magnetic Soulpreneur is a fantastic resource for learning how to build it right. Dr. Dana has a quote within these pages that sums it up: 

‘Hustle and heart will set you apart.’ 

She is leading the way through heart-based leadership and every network marketer can learn something from reading this book.”

—David Skultety, Author of Ripple Marketing, Network Marketing Leader
“To discover our purpose in life is an obligation to our soul, as it leads to discovering our calling! In this book Dr. Dana McGrady will help you transform your life with practical steps that will lead you through this adventurous journey called life.”

Evan Klassen, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur
“Meeting Dr. Dana, seeing her interact with others, and watching her in action as she leads her organization puts you in quite a state of awe. It can be intimidating because you look at her and think, ‘There’s no way I could ever be that charming, vibrant, and magnetic...’ But after reading this book, Dr. Dana actually lets you in and gives you some of the secrets for how she has become such an empowering, dynamic, and heart-centered leader.”

—Matt Morris, Bestselling Author of The Unemployed Millionaire, International Network Marketing Leader and Trainer
 “This is the book you want to have with you at the beach or having your morning tea. I have lived my life by the mantra ‘Lead with Love.’ Dr. Dana does an amazing job bringing heart-centered business to life in this page turner. Every entrepreneur needs to implement these amazing tips.”

Pasha Carter, 7-Figure Network Marketing Top Leader and Speaker
“In the modern information age authenticity is becoming more and more prevalent. I love how Dr. Dana teaches us how to be the best versions of ourselves and make more money while doing it. This book is refreshing and insightful.”

Rob Sperry, Voted #1 Network Marketing Coach in 2017by BusinessforHome.org
 “They say the eyes are the window to the soul... Look into Dr. Dana McGrady’s eyes and you are drawn in almost immediately. There is an intensity and energy to her that you just want to be a part of. As you get to know her, it is her heart and capacity to care for others and desire to see them win that grabs you. She is just someone you want to know. And now thru her insightful new book you can!”

—Lisa Grossmann, 7-Figure Income Earner, Global Entrepreneur, & Highly Sought After Speaker
“When I met Dana for the first time, there were several things that drew me in. Her personal story, tenacity, and boundless energy are contagious. As I’ve gotten to know her heart, there is no question we will be lifelong friends. There’s a timeless leadership adage, ‘Lead yourself with your head and lead others with your heart.’ Dana leads and teaches with her heart in this book. It’s definitely a must read and is sure to be impactful!”

Mike Sims, Founder of The Network Marketing Academy, 7-Figure Earner in Network Marketing, Serial Entrepreneur
“Dr. Dana has created a masterpiece with her new book, Magnetic Soulpreneur. It is an indispensable handbook packed with valuable insights and practical strategies, all wrapped up with a big bow of love. Buy this book for yourself and all of your team members. Devour it, apply its principles and you will achieve your dreams!”

Margie Aliprandi, Author and Top Network Marketing Professional
Magnetic Soulpreneurs attract, inspire, and empower people to find their soul-purpose, follow their vision, and make a difference in others’ lives.
In Magnetic SoulpreneurDr. Dana McGrady will teach you how to: 
  •  Use network marketing as a vehicle for living your best life 
  •  Make healthy choices to naturally boost your energy and mood
  •  Harness the power of positive thinking that leads to focused action
  •  Create daily habits that fit your priorities, values, and lifestyle
  •  Support yourself with empowering beliefs and uplifting thoughts
  •  Attract your business partners with love and an abundance mindset
  •  Stay focused on your vision, while being grateful for where you are
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